Under A Foot Plant Company has spent years developing an entire program dedicated to the idea of finding plants that are durable, dependable, and tough for your landscape needs. Whether you use them under your feet, or around your shrubs, Under A Foot Plant Company has put these plants through rugged testing to ensure they will not only survive for you, but thrive for you.

Proven Winners is an international marketing cooperative comprised of some of the world's best propagators. As a group, they are dedicated to developing new hybrid varieties that will perform well for both the grower and consumer. This elite group selects the most exciting varieties from around the world and conducts intense trials in North American climates. Only the most colorful, fastest growing, versatile and vigorous plants are selected to bear the Proven Winners label.

The Blooms of Bressingham North America network provides a unique opportunity for gardeners with breeders, propagators, growers and retailers all working together to meet the demand for new and interesting perennials.

Need to know when to plant? How deep? How much water? Or if your soil is too acidic?

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